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With passion to unique design and simple solutions

Magda i Kasia

At FRØPT we specialize in creating custom-made fronts for IKEA METOD cabinets.



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The idea to introduce this global concept to the Polish market came to life thanks to the observations and experience of Magda Milejska; interior designer and founder of the Odwzorownie studio.

Model Pure w kolorze Greige

I have noticed that my clients intuitively select simple solutions that IKEA has to offer. However, it’s quite common that the store’s products do not match the visual requirements of the design.

— Magda

Model Pure w kolorze MDF

She shared her thoughts with Kasia; a communication specialist, but more importantly a close friend with whom she had frequently visited Sweden.

It is there that we learned the Swedish art of moderation: ‘lagom’, which in design means that unique style does not have be compromised with high price.

Inspired by this idea we decided to propose a smart and economic approach to modifying furniture also in Poland.

— Kasia

We both love IKEA for its functionality and good quality at a reasonable price. We know you can find everything there that is needed to prepare the perfect base. We believe that our unique fronts, in combination with IKEA cabinets, will let everyone surround themselves with extraordinary furniture.


Magda, the designer and creator of the Odwzorowanie brand, at FRØPT is responsible for the creative concepts and trend analysis. She is also the creator of the Terra collection.


Kasia has spent many years building clients’ business reputation in media. At FRØPT she applies her knowledge and experience to manage the brand’s communication.


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