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The collection evokes the simplicity, unique character and imperfections of nature. It's made out of exclusively natural veneers. The endless variety of patterns are the work of nature: knots, grains and colour shades combined create one-of-a-kind imperfect beauty.

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Every tree differs from one another, hence the veneer produced from that tree will also be different in each case. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the repeatability of the material, and we encourage you to enjoy the variety of nature instead.

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For this collection, we chose oak, walnut, and birch veneers. All finishes may be applied on blockboard (pine solid wood stripes) veneered from each side or on plywood with visible edges exposing its cross section.

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Kolor brzoza skandynawska

Natural birch

The brightest of our veneers, white and pale yellow in colour. Produced from birch, which is also used to manufacture plywood. We use a flat grain veneer that retain tree rings, hence its appearance may be described as “plywood.”

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Model Blade
on the picture: Blade
Kolor dąb naturalny

Natural oak

The most classic kind of oak, appreciated for the beauty of the flat grain and a discreet, rustic nature. Exceptionally strong and solid. Resistant to scratches, fading, and splinting. We use a veneer with a large flat grain, letting nature surprise us with the intensity of the pattern in each batch.

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Model Modern
on the picture: Modern
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Kolor dąb wędzony

Smoked oak

An oak veneer, with the colour ranging from medium to dark brown. This is natural oak that has been thermally processed to darken its colour. We use veneers with a straight vertical grain. Lighter streaks and sapwood may occur.

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Model Pure
on the picture: Pure
Kolor orzech amerykański

American walnut

A veneer for those who appreciate classics and elegance. The colour ranges from medium to purplish brown, with a flat grain.

Available for all models of veneer fronts.

American walnut image
Model Stripe
on the picture: Stripe
American walnut side image
Bog oak side bg Bog oak side image
on the picture: Blade
Model Blade
Kolor dąb bagienny

Bog oak

The most sophisticated of our veneers, dark brown in colour, with a large flat grain.

Produced from wood that is between 400 and 4,000 years old. The material is obtained from oaks felled by natural phenomenons that remained underwater for hundreds of years. As a result of all the years of reacting with iron-containing water, the wood acquired a dark, nearly black colour. The colouring of this veneer is natural, we don't stain it. This is why the colour and its intensity will differ depending on the batch, rarely being purely black.

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The base of the fronts is a blockboard - pine solid wood strips. For fronts with visible edges, we use birch plywood. Fronts, as well as all panels and other elements, are 18 mm thick.


A veneer is a thin decorative slice of fine wood. Veneering works better than solid wood in itself as it’s more suitable for manufacturing.


All fronts are covered with acrylic varnish that properly preserves the veneer, at the same time allowing for retaining the wood’s natural structure.

Model Pure


Basic fronts that can be combined with both push-open mechanism and custom handles.

This model is available on blockboard (pine solid wood strips) covered with a veneer from each side or on plywood with visible edges exposing the cross section of the plywood.

Pure bg Pure image
on the picture: smoked oak
Kolor Dąb wędzony
Model Modern


A model with milled rectangular handles that are 15 or 55 cm long.

This model is available on blockboard (pine solid wood strips) covered with veneer from each side.

  • 15 cm top handle
  • 55 cm top handle
  • 15 cm bottom handle
  • 55 cm bottom handle
  • 55 cm side handle
Modern dąb naturalny - zdjęcie 1
Kolor dąb naturalny
on the picture: natural oak
Model Stripe


Fronts with milled strips. The milled recesses are stained to match the colour of the veneer. Staining is done manually, the recesses may contain discolouring and visible knots.

This model is available on blockboard (pine solid wood strips) covered with veneer from each side.

Stripe image
on the picture: american walnut
Kolor Orzech amerykański
Model Blade


Fronts with handles milled along their entire length. The cross section of the handle features an acute angle, which makes opening easier.

This model is available on blockboard (pine solid wood strips) covered with veneer from each side or on plywood with visible edges exposing its cross section.

  • top handle
  • bottom handle
Blade bg Blade image
Kolor Dąb bagienny
on the picture: bog oak


Dividers are a supplement addition to the offer; they can be used with every model in the collection. These panels are 20 cm wide and their height is adjusted to the height of the furniture. They are installed between the bodies of the cupboards. The panel is 18 mm thick, which needs to be taken into account when planning the length of kitchen furniture. In the configurator, dividers are available in the “masking panels” section.

Divider image
Kolor Dąb wędzony
on the picture: smoked oak
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