5 selected colours
in 4 front models


Terra is a collection
of lacquered matte fronts
made of MDFs.

Model Classic w kolorze Khaki
Kolor khaki


earthy green

Liście - wizualizacja Model Classic w kolorze Khaki
on the picture: Classic
Model Classic
Kolor terracotta


the colour of burnt earth

Wypalona ziemia - wizualizacja Model Modern w kolorze Terracotta
Model Modern
on the picture: Modern

The inspiration behind
the selected colour palette
is the “return to nature” notion
that remains present
in various aspects of life.

Model Modern w kolorze Terracotta

Emerging yourself into earth’s colours will bring balance that allows you to unwind and escape the buzz of the city in the shelter of your home.

Model Pure w kolorze Greige
Kolor greige


stone grey

Kamienna szarość - wizualizacja Model Pure w kolorze Greige
on the picture: Pure
Model Pure
Kolor sand


sandy beige

Piaskowy beż - wizualizacja Model Brush w kolorze Sand
Model Brush
on the picture: Brush

This colour pallet perfectly
matches items made from
natural resources such as:
gold, copper or stone.

Model Brush w kolorze Sand
Model Pure w kolorze MDF
Kolor mdf


MDF boards coated with
transparent, matt lacquer

MDF - wizualizacja Model Pure w kolorze MDF
on the picture: Pure
Model Pure
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The models in the Terra collection feature lacquered 18 mm matte MDFs. On the inside, we use white laminate. Regardless of the front model, side panels are always plain, with laminate and a 10 cm lacquered belt around the edges on the inside.

Model Pure


Basic fronts coated with a matt finish lacquer.

Pure Greige Cover
on the picture: Greige
Kolor greige

Handles and knobs

Depending on the type of the handles selected, you can obtain the desired effect of your space.

However, applying the PUSH-OPEN system will help maintain a clean and minimal style.

Model Classic


Our original take on the classic frame fronts.

Classic Khaki Cover
Kolor khaki
on the picture: Khaki
Model Modern


Basic fronts with integrated handles.

Modern Terracotta Cover
on the picture: Terracotta
Kolor Terracotta
  • 15 cm top handle
  • 55 cm top handle
  • 15 cm bottom handle
  • 55 cm bottom handle
  • 55 cm side handle

The integrated handle measures 15 cm but is also available in 55 cm which will work ideally for built-in refrigerators. It can be featured at the top or bottom of your kitchen front.

  • -45°
  • 45°
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

Vertical or horizontal stripes are available for fronts 20, 25, 40, 80 cm wide. Additionally, fronts 60 cm wide may have stripes at a 45° angle in one of the selected directions.

Handles and knobs

Due to the front’s irregular surface we recommend applying the PUSH-OPEN system or adding edge pulls to the top or side of the front.

You can also use standard handles; however, this may cause the assembly elements to become visible in the crevices of the pattern.

Model Brush


Fronts with carved stripes resembling brush strokes.

Brush Pure Sand Cover
on the picture: Sand
Kolor Sand
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