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The first step in creating a unique interior is selecting one of four models

Model Pure


Basic fronts coated with a matt finish lacquer.

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Pure Greige Cover

It is the ideal base to create the interior design of your dreams.

Handles and knobs

Depending on the type of the handles selected, you can obtain the desired effect of your space.

However, applying the PUSH-OPEN system will help maintain a clean and minimal style.

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Model Classic


Our original take on the classic frame fronts.

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Classic Khaki Cover

An unconventional frame, in the form of a delicate crevasse running across the front’s surface, is a minimalist’s bow towards classic art that simultaneously reflects the philosophy behind FRØPT’s projects.

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Model Modern


Basic fronts with integrated handles.

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Modern Terracotta Cover

Perfect for those who opt for a sense of style that is frugal but not lacking originality.

This model does not require additional decorations such as handles or knobs. On its own it will adorn your space tastefully, with considered character.

  • 15 cm top handle 15 cm top handle
  • 55 cm top handle 55 cm top handle
  • 15 cm bottom handle 15 cm bottom handle
  • 55 cm bottom handle 55 cm bottom handle
  • 55 cm side handle 55 cm side handle

The integrated handle measures 15 cm but is also available in 55 cm which will work ideally for built-in refrigerators. It can be featured at the top or bottom of your kitchen front.

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Model Brush


Fronts with carved stripes resembling brush strokes.

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Brush Pure Sand Cover

This model, inspired by sand ripples formed in the desert wind, has been created as part of our Terra collection.

This striking pattern will become the bold accent of your interior, defining its character.

It also ideally complements basic fronts.

  • -45° -45°
  • 45° 45°
  • Vertical Vertical
  • Horizontal Horizontal

Vertical or horizontal stripes are available for fronts 20, 25, 40, 80 cm wide. Additionally, fronts 60 cm wide may have stripes at a 45° angle in one of the selected directions.

Handles and knobs

Due to the front’s irregular surface we recommend applying the PUSH-OPEN system or adding edge pulls to the top or side of the front.

You can also use standard handles; however, this may cause the assembly elements to become visible in the crevices of the pattern.

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Discovery set

Choose a sample and experience Terra
for as little as 8 € (shipping included).

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Everything you need to know about the fronts


The proposed models
have been created
utilising the knowledge
and experience
of Magda Milejska;
the founder
of the “Odwzorowanie”
design studio.



Our fronts are handcrafted
by home-bred artisans
who have many years’ experience
in woodwork and a refined
attention to detail.

Lokalna jakość - model Pure w kolorze MDF - zdjęcie 1
Lokalna jakość - model Pure w kolorze MDF - zdjęcie 2

All fronts are made
of 18mm MDF boards,
double coated
with a matt lacquer.

The colours
of Terra

Each model is available in the 5 colours of the Terra collection but can also be ordered in a RAL / NCS colour of your choice.

More than
just fronts

Typy frontów - ikona

Our fronts fit perfectly onto IKEA’s METOD cabinets. They are suitable for any space in your home, even the bathroom. In the kitchen they can be used with all large appliances.

Cokoły i panele maskujące - ikona

Cover panels and plinths are the finishing touch that can be used to mask the side / top of your base, complement the edges of corner cabinets, or fill the space between the wall and kitchen furniture. You may provide the exact measurements that you need or choose one of the standard sizes and make any adjustments by trimming the required fragments during their assembly.

Finish with
a good opening

Plankton handles, created by Ola Munzar, are an ideal addition to our designs.

Uchwyty Plankton - ikona

The Kraft collection, featuring handles and knobs recommended by us, has won the Must Have 2017 award during Łódź Design Festival for combining traditional manufacturing techniques with modern design.

Papier - wizualizacja Kamień - wizualizacja Uchwyt Plankton Luciola Gałka


Orders and returns







Ask for something else

and answers

Orders and returns

What is the expected delivery time?

The time needed to deliver your fronts is about 7-8 weeks from the moment your payment is finalised.

When will my order by processed?

Your order will be processed once the payment has been fully completed.

Can I purchase colour samples?

We encourage you to buy samples as the colours on the monitor of your computer might be distorted. If you want to have absolute certainty of the selected colour, please order a sample from our web site. The estimated delivery time is about 10 working days.

Can I consult my order before the final transaction?

The items that you have selected in the configurator will create a shopping list in the link generated at the bottom of your order. You can share this link with a third party, or in case of any doubts, send the link to us along with the design of your kitchen in the IKEA Planner. If we notice any errors, we will let you know. If everything is correct, we will confirm this and you can make your order. Once your payment has been finalised we will start preparing your order.

Please take into consideration that even having your design in the IKEA planner, we do not know the exact measurements of your kitchen, therefore we cannot verify the order in this aspect.

Can I cancel my order or return a product?

Our fronts are custom-made for each order; therefore, we ask that you kindly consider your purchase. The order cannot be cancelled once it has been received; the payment made and the agreement accepted. If you want to have absolute certainty of your order we encourage you to purchase samples of our collection. Alternatively, please contact us before completing the payment of your order.


How do I install the fronts?

Our fronts have the same drilled holes as IKEA fronts, so the IKEA installation service (or your own maintenance team) will be able to assemble them. You may also install the fronts on your own (the hinges are soft closing/push-open; and to assemble the cabinets you will only need a screwdriver). Please be careful during assembly as this is when the fronts are most exposed to damage (they are lifted, put down, moved around, hit on the edges etc.) Please remember our guarantee does not cover mechanical damages occurred due to improper assembly.


Can I customise the size of the panel?

You can and you even should! As with IKEA, you may purchase a standard FRØPT panel and cut-to-size the fragments that you require. Another option is that you state the exact measurements needed in your order and we will prepare the product for you. This means that when making the order, you must be sure of the measurements. The second option gives you certainty that all the elements will be finished, you can avoid chipping caused by cutting the panel, and you will not have to make it apparent on Facebook that you are looking to borrow a saw.

What are cover panels used for?

Cover panels can be used for various reasons such as: hiding the sides of a bottom cabinet, filling the space between the cabinet and wall so that the kitchen is ideally fitted, or masking the edges of corner cabinets. We usually recommend panels 10mm thick as we think they are the most aesthetically pleasing 😊 For the same reason, FRØPT panels intended to mask the sides of base cabinets, are low to the ground, covering the cabinet legs. If your opinion differs in this matter, you can order the 18mm thick panel and choose a customised size that is 8 cm shorter. Opinions aside, if your kitchen contains appliances that are not built in (washing machine, dishwasher), please select the 18mm panel, as it will support the countertop. You will be able to cut out edges of corner cabinets from the cover panel.

How to select masking elements for a corner base cabinet measuring 62x88?

For this cabinet, apart from the doors, you will need two edge trims to mask the corners. As with IKEA, you can order a panel measuring 39x80 with FRØPT and cut out the needed elements from it. However, please remember that you can also order entire elements from our collection (in this instance selecting 2 panels 8x80, or others that will fit the measurements of your kitchen).

Do the fronts have drilled holes for handles/knobs?

You may apply any handles that you desire to your FRØPT fronts. We do not drill holes, so that you can adjust them to the handles or knobs of your choice.

Will the fronts fit non-IKEA kitchen appliances?

t is important that your kitchen appliances fit the IKEA cabinets, however these measurements are usually standard for all appliances, regardless if they are purchased at IKEA or elsewhere. You may adjust all fronts to the appliances by assembling the hinges that come with the product.

Apart from kitchen base units, what else do I have to buy at IKEA?

At IKEA you need to purchase the hinges, door dampers, push openers, hardware and accessories. If you are preparing your design online in the IKEA Planner, create the kitchen with the fronts. This will allow all the needed elements to be added to your order. Then, right before the last step of finalising your purchase, delete the fronts from the list.

How to install FRØPT fronts to bathroom cabinets?

The bathroom cabinets that we have presented in our photos are built on METOD cabinet that are 39 cm deep. We used the cabinet measuring 80x60, however you can also go for the options 40 and 60 cm. The top front, 20 cm high (80x20), is a cap that covers the water trap. The bottom front, 40 cm high (80x40), is attached to a medium Maximera drawer. You can also install a low Maximera drawer. For the needs of our photo session we used Limhamn legs that we painted black. However, we recommend that our clients hang the cabinet on a wall or select Godmorgon legs so that the height of the entire cabinet does not exceed 85cm.

Will you make fronts that fit the FAKTUM kitchen system?

Yes, however, we ask that you contact us directly. The FAKTUM kitchen system is no longer sold by IKEA, therefore we customise fronts basing on the details our clients provide for particular elements.


Can I order fronts to fit non-IKEA furniture?

Yes. In such instances the drawer and cabinet fronts that we provide will not be pre-drilled for hinges or screws.

Can I order fronts in any colour?

Apart from the tones available in our collection, you can order fronts in any colour. The minimum size of the order is 1m2. In the case of selecting your own colour, please enter the number of the NCS or RAL sample into our configurator. RAL and NCS samples are the most popular colour pallets used in interior design and you will find them in every hardware store.

I am having difficulties with the IKEA Planner and I am not sure I will be using it to select the fronts. Can I send you my design in any other way?

Indeed, the planner can be moody at times. If you have any doubts as to what solutions you should apply, please contact us at


What is the delivery process and how long does it take?

We will send the fronts to you via an insured parcel delivery.

All of our fronts are send via a pallet delivery, the courier will drop the fronts off at the provided address but will not deliver them into your home. For this reason, we kindly ask that you organize pick-up from the courier. The cost of the pallet delivery depends on the size of the order and the destination.

Can I arrange delivery for a fixed day/time?

Once the fronts are ready to be shipped we will inform you so that a delivery date can be confirmed. On the day we send the fronts, you will receive a shipping list that will help you track the parcel or find the courier’s contact information. The fronts are usually delivered within 48h; however, this may differ in particular instances. To make the delivery easier we provide the courier with your telephone number.

Can I store my order?

Please bear in mind that we do not have the facility to store your order. If you want your order delivered later than in 6 weeks from its purchase, please let us know at the stage of buying your fronts. This way we can accommodate to a delivery date that will suite you best.

What should I do if my parcel arrived damaged?

Please remember to check the package before you accept the delivery. If the parcel is damaged, report this to the courier and do not accept the delivery.

What should I do if the fronts arrived damaged?

Please check your fronts right after receiving the delivery. If you notice any mechanical damages, please take a photo and include this in an email describing the damage. Please send this message to within 24 hours of receiving the fronts and before proceeding with their assembly. In such instances we will aim to send replacements as soon as possible. Mechanical damages (that are not covered by the guarantee) and that are reported after this time frame will not be revised.


How to keep the fronts clean?

To clean the surface of your fronts, use a soft, damp cloth. For greasy stains or fingerprints we have a recommended solution: gently apply foam, for example from a washing up liquid. Next, wipe the surface not to leave smudges. Avoid harsh detergents or brushes with hard bristles as the flecks of dirt might leave scratches on the surface.


When opting for non-IKEA fronts will I lose the guarantee on the rest of my kitchen?

You will not lose your guarantee as IKEA sells each part separately and not entire kitchens. Each of these parts has a 25-year guarantee (cabinets and hardware). It does not matter what elements you pair them with.

What is the warranty on FRØPT fronts?

Our fronts are covered by a 2-year guarantee. As they do not contain any elements that can be mechanically damaged, the only part that may result faulty is the material used in their creation. Any potential faults will be noticeable in this time frame. We recommend that you take extra care during installation as this is when the fronts are exposed most to any potential damages (they are moved around, hit on the edges etc.). Please remember our guarantee does not apply to damages caused mechanically or fronts that have been used inappropriately. If you however follow the manufacture instructions, you will be able to enjoy your FRØPT fronts for years to come. You will find out more about our guarantee on the terms and conditions of our website.



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